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Ron Renaissance “Kickin’ It” – Official Video Clip and Artist Profile

Ron Renaissance

Ron “Renaissance” Prokopez, born and raised New Yorker, began his professional musical career at the young age of 14 playing trombone in various clubs and venues throughout the city. It wasn’t long before his raw talent was recognized and afforded him opportunities to perform around the world and record with a number of artists including Gloria Estefan, Kool & The Gang, Tito Rojas, Don Omar, Rock-A-Fella Records, and La Excelencia just to name a few.

After graduating from Fiorello H. La Guardia High School of Music & Performing Arts, Ron continued to expand his curriculum as an artist and began studying salsa and mambo in New York. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Performance in 2007 from the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College. Ron’s unique style of infusing hip-hop, mambo and salsa have allowed him to stand apart from other dancers in the industry establishing him as an innovator in the NYC salsa scene. Which offered him the opportunity to appear in multiple music videos, TV shows and perform on stages around the world He currently teaches mambo and salsa classes in New York City.

Ron Prokopez

Ron has continued broadening the scope of his artistry engaging in new endeavors over the past few years. In 2007 he became the lead singer, composer and lyricist of The Element Band. In 2009, Ron made his musical theater debut starring in “The Magic of the Salsa Kingdom” directed by Maria Torres where he was featured singing, dancing, acting, rapping and playing trombone. Ron has also played the role of musical director for two-time Grammy award winning singer Willy Torres’ NYC Salsa Project and hip-hop’s rising star from Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador.

 “Kickin’ It” Available On  cdbaby

Like any true artist, Ron has drawn inspiration from life experiences and his upbringing in the culturally rich neighborhood of Washington Heights. With his debut solo album Ron hopes to share some of his story as a socially conscious lyricist along with his signature fusion of hip-hop, salsa, pop & Jazz.

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Bloque 53 | Artist Profile

Bloque Cincuentaytres

Bloque 53 is part of the new generation of salsa bands that have developed an original and unique sound. Breaking musical boundaries, Bloque 53 is considered as one of Europe’s strongest bands by salseros, DJs, dancers and fans of Latin music. Their songs are heard in Latin clubs and are part of the ‘Top Lists’ of the best salsa DJs, Latin radio stations, salsa congresses and festivals, documentaries & dance instructional videos. Its members have drawn on experience sharing the stage with great figures of Latin music, like Oscar D’Leon, Manolito y su Trabuco, Andy Montañez, Larry Harlow, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, Frankie Vazquez, Jose Mangual Jr., Calle 13 , among others.

Since 2006 in Barcelona, their musicians from Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and Spain, have generated a special chemistry and energy at their concerts, hard to match, which led them to engage in major world music festivals and Latino festivals in Europe. His tours have taken them to visit Spain, Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Poland and Portugal among others with more than 200 concerts.

In 2009 released their first CD “La ruta de la Salsa” (available on iTunes) in sextet format. It was the first cd of salsa with vibes recorded in Spain. Where you heard songs like “Ese Dolor”, “el Vago,” Baila la negra”. In 2011, after an extensive tour, thay record their second CD “Te hace mover los pies” (available on iTunes) with guest sonero Marcial Isturiz, which highlighted the songs “Yo soy la salsa”, “Callaito”, “Chencha Chula” and ” Tiempo”. ” Also record a single version of the theme “La Palomilla” (Cheo Feliciano), who filled the dance floors in salsa congresses in Europe. In 2012, the family of Bloque 53 grows further, and invite Tromboranga´s orchestra trombones to record their third CD called “Tumba Puchunga” and start their TOUR 2012. Bloque 53 is renewed with Tumba Puchunga, now is an orchestra of eleven musicians, characterized by conversations between the vibraphone, trombones, three singers and the spicy rhythm section.


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