La Sonora Libre – “01”

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La Sonora Libre – 01

La Sonora Libre is a Salsa Dura and Latin Jazz orchestra based in Barcelona, Spain. It has its origins in March and April of 2011 in Quito, Ecuador, native city of Mauricio Ochoa, the director, percussionist and principal composer of the band. The group is currently enjoying a season of concerts known as “La Descarga” (jam session), playing original songs in addition to classics of the genre, and has held jam sessions (Salsa and Latin Jazz), which have been well received by audiences.

The orchestra is currently composed of ten young, talented musicians from Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Italy, who all live in Barcelona and are important music values of music scene. They are active not only on the Salsa circuit, but also in Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Samba, Afro Latin, Fusion, and World Music scenes, among others. The band is enriched by numerous musical styles and offers its own repertoire with a fresh sound, which enhances the quality of Salsa and Latin Jazz.

La Sonora Libre

The name comes from the meaning of the two words that comprise it: SONORA which is used to convey that something produces a sound, one that sounds good, resonates and is pleasing. This word is popularly used by sound systems, dj’s and bands in Latin America. SONORA is also a format of orchestration commonly used in Cumbia and Salsa groups that are characterized by three trumpets in the wind section. La Sonora Libre, which doesn’t employ this musical arrangement, expresses the word as a synonym of “the sound of a party”, with which it is identified. The Sonora (sound) is FREE because, true to its heritage and Afro Latin culture, knowing and respecting the origins and traditions of the genre, it does not restrict itself to preconceptions, nor does it seek a formulaic sound. The Sonora is FREE because it expresses itself, says what it thinks, lives and sings about everyday things and what happens, from a sincere, critical, constructive, supportive and positive perspective.

With their powerful live concert these ten musicians leave no one indifferent. They hold the rhythm and joy of Afro Latin music and transmit it to the listener, and enjoyment to the dancer, as their vibrant music flows.

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In June, 2011, La Sonora Libre was awarded a sponsorship by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador that supplied part of the necessary means to begin recording their first album. In November of the same year, they began recording in the studio and produced 8 songs that unite Salsa Dura, Latin Jazz, identity and consciousness with great quality music and a strong urban sounds. The band’s debut album is already available and has been well received by the public as well as acclaimed by critics.

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