Grupo Salsafon “Tribute to the Barrio”


Grupo Salsafon, a France based Salsa Dura orquesta, formed back in 2004, is motivated by a common passion … Salsa de los 70’s! Their latest album “Tribute to the Barrio” is an excellent production in which the group “visits” the New York Salsa Golden Era in a powerful and energetic combination of tradition and modernity.

Grupo Salsafon

Olivier Dullion : Trompette | Gerald Mazaudier : Trompette Mathieu Maigre: Trombone | Dan Diruzza : Trombone David Vincent : Piano | Lionel Guiochon: Basse, choeurs | Hugo Quispe : Chant | Rafael Quintero: Chant | Franck Genard: Timbales | Olivier Marlangeon : Bongos, campana | Philippe “Pipou” Couret : Congas, choeurs | the excellent sonero Rafael Quintero also participates in this project.

— Commitment, passion and freedom of interpretation with a single slogan: ¡Salsa Dura De Verdad!
 Buy ‘Tribute to the Barrio’ on Grupo Salsafon’s bandcamp page

★  visit the website ➧


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