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Tromboranga | Artist Profile

Son montuno, Salsa Brava and Descarga from Barcelona to the whole world!


Tromboranga focuses on the most flavourful salsa brava, with influences of the major artists of the 70’s and 80’s. A hardcore salsa dance repertoire with original songs and covers of the golden age of hard salsa, hint at major influences: Dimensión Latina, Ray Perez, Orq. Narvaez, Conjunto Libre, Eddie Palmieri y La Perfecta, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, among many others who serve as inspiration for their own compositions and interpretations.

Tromboranga’s musicians are from across the Caribbean and Europe, but with a common purpose: to make a simple, pure sound, solid and rhythmic. Its members are Joaquin Arteaga (Timbal, bongo, writer & producer) Venezuelan musician, known for his extensive career as a percussionist, conductor and composer of band Bloque 53. A young Freddy Ramos (vocals & producer) sonero/arranger based in Barcelona, Venezuelan musician, who begins to emerge in the salsa picture in Spain and Europe, singing original tunes as “Humildad” y “Conmigo te quedaras”. Diego Coppinger’s, also gives a Cuban color with great strength and “sabor” to the band. Rafael Madagascar (piano) and Felipe Varela (bass) from Colombia with strong guajeos and tumbaos. The heavy trombones section of Vladimir Peña, Thomas Johnson and Albert Costa a powerful section it provides a very strong mark on the band. Produced by Joaquin Arteaga, Freddy Ramos and Vladimir Peña.

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La Excelencia “Ecos Del Barrio”

The young leaders of Salsa Dura have done it again !!! 

Ecos Del Barrio

La Excelencia’s third album is a eargasm. A hardcore Salsa MASTERPIECE made for the dancer and the listener, with original songs based on stories of real life and social issues. This is history in the making! This is the new generation of Salsa Dura!! This is a Five Star Album!!!

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La Excelencia  is an eleven piece Salsa orchestra that was founded in 2005 by percussionists José Vázquez-Cofresí and Julián Silva. On its own Handle With Care Productions, Inc. label La Excelencia has released 3 CDs whose titles give a sense of the group’s philosophy: “Salsa Con Conciencia” which means “Salsa With Awareness” or “Conscience”, “Mi Tumbao Social” or “My Social Drumbeat” and the newly released “Ecos Del Barrio” which means “Echoes of the Neighborhood”.

La Excelencia

— “La Excelencia represents something very significant, a return not just to the classic formula of Salsa but to the virtues of it” “They are going back to the more eclectic period when Salsa was street music, playing with spirit and integrity and writing socially relevant music again” Aaron Levinson —

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