URBANA salsa capital “Abriendo Puertas”

URBANA salsa capital “Abriendo Puertas”

URBANA salsa capital is a new generation Salsa band from Bogotá Colombia which was formed in mid-2011 by Andrés Ramírez and Oscar Cifuentes when they decided to get on-board the Salsa train that has no reverse. Their dream is now taking shape and is giving its first fruits for us to enjoy.

URBANA is already a reference for the salseros in Bogotá, under the musical direction of Javier Ortega, a well recognized musician with long and successful career (worth mentioning his passage from Jairo Varela’s Grupo Niche). URBANA’s first musical production “Abriendo Puertas”, was released earlier this year, a Hard Salsa Bogotá style album, paying a heartfelt tribute to their city.

This is definitely some of the best Salsa to come out of Colombia in the past year, that insures to make a difference in the Salsa world and will be flogging the dance-floors.

“Abriendo Puertas” Available On  reverbnation music store

 become a fan … fb  urbanasalsarola


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