“We Like it Like That” The Story of Latin Boogaloo

A music documentary on the rise and fall of Latin boogaloo in New York City,
its cultural significance and new found popularity today.

we like it like that the story of latin boogaloo_original

From 1965 to 1970, musicians in New York City fused English and Spanish lyrics with Afro-Cuban, jazz, rock and R&B rhythms and melodies to create Latin boogaloo. It was a period of revolution and social awakening and young Latinos in search of their identity, growing up in neighbourhoods like East Harlem and the South Bronx, adopted Latin boogaloo as their soundtrack. This audience, once on the verge of leaving Latin music behind, now came to appreciate it.

With the emergence of Salsa, another New York city creation, some say the Latin Boogaloo was killed off, not by the fans, but by industry politics. “We Like It Like That”  is a documentary that explores this fascinating, though often overlooked, bridge in Latin music history, seeking to understand its context in the story of Latinos in America and its continued influence around the world today.

Featuring original interviews with Joe Bataan, Johnny Colon, Ricardo Ray, Jimmy Sabater (of the Joe Cuba Sextet), Joey Pastrana, Larry Harlow, Harvey Averne, Angel Lebron (of the Lebron Brothers), Benny Bonilla (of the the Pete Rodriguez band), Felipe Luciano, Aurora Flores, Sandra Maria Esteves, Alex Masucci, Oliver Wang, Juan Flores, Bobby Sanabria, Bobbito Garcia and others. 

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