Miguel ‘El Mambo’ DeLeon “Pa’l Bailador Mundial”

Miguel “EL MAMBO” has Done it Again!

His new single “Pa’l Bailador Mundial” (for the World Dancer) answers all the questions dancers around the world comment about. Don’t understand the words?  With lyrics in Spanglish … Now you know what it’s about! “I Love dancing and turning to Up-Tempo Salsa & Mambo, not the slow romantic style!” – Well this definitely is for you!

Miguel ‘El Mambo’ DeLeon

Miguel “EL MAMBO” DeLeon is known in the Midwest Salsa and Latin Jazz scene as “The Pioneer”, “El Pionero”, since mid-80’s. First generation Puerto Rican originally from Lorain OH (20 miles west of Cleveland OH) Miguel began his calling in the Latin music movement, in the early 70’s with Orq. Charambo which worked along side, and backed up vocalist from the Fania All Stars that come through Lorain, Ohio. Opening for Legends like Larry Harlow w/vocalist Ismael Miranda and Junior Gonzalez, Willie Colon with his shows that included Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades. Also opening for bands like Tipica 73, Los Kimbos with lead vocalist Adalberto Santiago and Jose Alberto”El Canario”, list also includes legendary conga master Ray Barreto with shows that included vocalist Ruben Blades, Tito Allen, Tito Gomez … and many more!

★ “Pa’l Bailador Mundial” Available On  cdbaby

Miguel’s most recent 2012 production is for the Latin Dance Lover, “El Mambo World Music” brings this Original Hot Spanglish Salsa/Mambo. — “Pa’l Bailador Mundial” was created by an inspiration provided by the WORLD SALSA/MAMBO Dancers around the world! – Fue creado e Inspirado por todo los Amantes de baile a la Salsa/Mambo por todo el Mundo! – USTEDES EL PUEBLO Son Mi Inspiracion – YOU the PEOPLE are my Inspiration.   … Y Dale MAMBO, Forever Grateful” Miguel MAMBO DeLeon —

 visit the website  elmamboworld.com  become a fan … fb  miguel.mambo.deleon

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