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Eddie Montalvo “Desde Nueva York a Puerto Rico”


Eddie Montalvo, two time Grammy award winner has recorded and performed with some of the best artists of Latin music: Fania All Stars, Ruben Blades, Paul Simon, Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon among many other greats, and continues to be a member of Ruben Blades’ Seis del Solar and the Fania All Stars.

Montalvo also known as Mr.Marcha for his rock-steady time and his ability to lock with other rhythm players, returns as a solo artist with his second production titled “De Nueva York a Puerto Rico”. This production is a master piece in the making which has gathered some of Salsa’ greatest like: Ruben Blades on the single, El Hijo del Ricachon, Cheo Feliciano on Caonabo, part two of the worldwide renown song Anacaona, written by Tite Curet Alonso. Also, Domingo Quiñones on Leccion Rumbera, Issac Delgado on Tumba Tambo, Rico Walker on Amor En Serio, Hector Pichie Perez of La Sonora Ponceña on Timba Timbero, Wichy Camacho and Tito Gonzalez.

— Desde Nueva York a Puerto Rico promises to take the Latin music industry by storm and its one production all hard core Salsa lovers can not miss and add to their collection. —

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George Velez Jr. “message to my friends in Cape Town”

It is with great joy that I write this small post to my friends in Cape Town, SA and, through them, to the rest of the global Salsa community.

When an artist or group of artists (as is the case with Grupo Arcano) sets out to make music it is because they find joy in that music. Creating new lyrics, creating a new melody, creating the accompanying musical arrangement around that melody is exciting. When the song is finished we want everyone to hear it and everyone to like it. Many times the only people who get to hear it are our closest friends and family members or maybe a few people at a local venue, if we get to perform it live.

But, when you make the decision to sacrifice even more of yourself and make the efforts to record this music the possibility of a bigger audience is just as exciting yet also scary. Will the bigger audience like what we have created?  How will they respond?  Will they respond? Will they NOT like it? Many questions and emotions run through our minds and hearts. When Grupo Arcano decided to make our first album 3 years ago these were questions that were always on my mind. What made it ‘worse’ was that it took us 2 ½ years to complete the album since it was self-produced. And on top of that, we had no idea how we would get it into the public’s ears.


NOW, just 2 ½ months since the release of our debut album, Desde El Otro Lado Del East River, we are in awe.  People, like your very own DJ Niko, have gotten a wind of Grupo Arcano’s music through the various networks they have established and through their earnest, diligent and hard efforts to find and play the best music the salsa community deserves to hear.  Our album has truly hit the global scene and has reached places and people we would have NEVER known if not for these DJ’s efforts.

One of the common remarks has been something like this, “Normally, when you buy a CD you know that you will really only get 2-3 good songs and the rest might be OK.  Grupo Arcano has produced an exceptional album in that ALL 8 tracks are great!”

In the UK many are saying that Desde El Otro Lado Del East River has to be the Best Salsa release for 2012.  In Canada, Germany and Colombia many are sharing the same sentiments.  And while we LOVE all of our fans the same and all have been treating us great, the fans of Cape Town, South Africa hold a special place for us.  Theodore, Kende, Nikos, Alisar (Chilly), Yassin (in Kenya) and everyone else has made us feel so great and has made all of our sacrifices feel so well worth it.

So, in preparation for the holidays that approach us in these coming days, as a gift from DJ Niko and the guys from Grupo Arcano, we would like you to have this download of our song  ARY , It will be for a limited time and we encourage you to share this post with everyone. Encourage your friends to join in & support the growing salsa movement. Enjoy and let us know what you think. We are more than happy to respond to each of you individually.    Peace, George Vélez, Jr.


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