Eddie Montalvo “Desde Nueva York a Puerto Rico”


Eddie Montalvo, two time Grammy award winner has recorded and performed with some of the best artists of Latin music: Fania All Stars, Ruben Blades, Paul Simon, Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon among many other greats, and continues to be a member of Ruben Blades’ Seis del Solar and the Fania All Stars.

Montalvo also known as Mr.Marcha for his rock-steady time and his ability to lock with other rhythm players, returns as a solo artist with his second production titled “De Nueva York a Puerto Rico”. This production is a master piece in the making which has gathered some of Salsa’ greatest like: Ruben Blades on the single, El Hijo del Ricachon, Cheo Feliciano on Caonabo, part two of the worldwide renown song Anacaona, written by Tite Curet Alonso. Also, Domingo Quiñones on Leccion Rumbera, Issac Delgado on Tumba Tambo, Rico Walker on Amor En Serio, Hector Pichie Perez of La Sonora Ponceña on Timba Timbero, Wichy Camacho and Tito Gonzalez.

— Desde Nueva York a Puerto Rico promises to take the Latin music industry by storm and its one production all hard core Salsa lovers can not miss and add to their collection. —

“Desde Nueva York a Puerto Rico” Available On  amazon.com

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