Rica Obsesion “Llego Mi Turno”


Two brothers joined in blood and music founded Rica Obsesion. Dennis and Byron Calito from Guatemala; raised in Chicago, have the talent and ability to achieve in the music industry. They started playing music in church at a very young age, and were inspired by their older brother Victor. Both of them have had the privilege to perform and record with various local bands in Chicago. They have also performed with well-known artist such as, Gloria Estefan, Willy Torres, DLG, Eddie Santiago, Kevin Ceballo, Tony Vega, Van Lester, Yomo Toro, Alex D’Castro, Wichie Camacho, Frankie Negron and many more.

Dennis Calito (Timbales/Music Director) and Byron Calito (Congas/Vocals) have brought together some of Chicagos finest musicians to make up Rica Obsesion. The Rica Obsesion family consists of Harley Figueroa (Saxophone/vocals) as musical composer, Alex Torres ( Lead Vocal ), Junior Rivera ( Lead Vocal ), Enrique Calderon ( Lead Vocal ), Adrian Rodriguez ( Piano ), Nathan Rodriguez  ( Bass), Brian Rivera ( Bongos ), Micah Frazier on Trumpet (R.I.P), Jaime Rivera ( Trumpet ) and  Joe Mende on Trombone.

Rica Obsesions passion for Salsa, which is vigorously projected through their musical selections from artist like Spanish Harlem Orquestra, the late Frankie Ruiz, and Soneros Del Barrio is undeniably strong. Rica also performs variety of music such as Mergenues and cha cha cha by the late Tito Puente and many Latin Jazz tunes. Rica Obsesions ultimate goal is to show their love for music in their performance, to see and feel the excitement of the audience on the dance floor. With a combination of great music and the best musicians in Chicago, Rica Obsesion is confident that their goals will be achieved and that they will be able to put Chicago back on the map for Salsa once again.

 “LLEGO MI TURNO” is now available on  cdbaby

 visit the website  www.ricaobsesion.net  become a fan … fb  Rica-Obsesion


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