Bio Ritmo “Picaresca” | Digital Single Paris DJs

Bio Ritmo Picaresca (Digital Single Paris DJs) - 2013

The enfants terribles of Salsa are back!

For more than two decades Bio Ritmo has been reviving the style and elegance of the great 70s Salsa. As a foretaste of their new album expected for the end of the year, Bio Ritmo cranks up the summer heat on this first instrumental single, ‘Picaresca’, a high voltage descarga combining the best spirit of tradition between Salsa and Latin jazz, with these funky spices, trademark of the band. Led by a pyrotechnical horn section, the track is a party anthem bouncing like a cartoon character between lead trumpet parts (Mark Ingraham), timbales (Giustino Riccio) and trombone (Toby Whitaker), galvanized by Marlysse Simmons’ groove that climbs back and forth between piano and Farfisa.

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