Gerardo Contino | Artist Profile

“El Abogado de la Salsa”

Gerardo Contino, is a Cuban singer who has been part of a number of famous Cuban bands in Havana since his youth. Most recently, Gerardo was the lead singer for NG La Banda, one of the most recognized Cuban Salsa and Jazz orchestras in Cuba, under the directorship of Jose Luis Cortes.

Gerardo Contino_orig

Since moving to New York City, Gerardo started his own band, “Gerardo Contino y Los Habaneros”, with Axel Tosca Laugart, Luisito Quintero and John Benitez. Their debut album, Somos Latinos, was just released in summer 2013  – -.

Gerardo with his new band, as well as with his other groups, NG La Banda, Son Yoruba, and Charanga Forever, he has toured in Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Peru, Cuba, Venezuela and the United States. He has played in international festivals of salsa and jazz such as: Toulouse Festival, France; Latin American Festival of Milan, Italy; Festival Fiesta, Rome, Italy; Festival of Múnich, Switzerland, Copenhagen Festival, Denmark; Salsa Festival of Verona, Italy; and, Afro-American Roots of Maracay, Venezuela.

Gerardo has also shared the stage with such artists as Oscar de Leon, Roberto Roena, El Gran Combo, La India, Los Van Van, Xiomara Laugart, and John Benitez. In New York City, he has performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Sounds of Brazil (SOBs), Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Guantanamera, Droms, Iguana, Bronx Museum, and Lina Frey, among others.

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Somos Latinos

SOMOS LATINOS is a joyful and energetic album that brings a new Cuban salsa sound. At it’s core, it is an album made for dancers.

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