Heart of Salsa | upcoming documentary film

the story of lives transformed through salsa

Heart of Salsa is a documentary film that explores the transformative impact of salsa from the Ambassador of salsa Albert Torres to millions of salsa dancers around the world.

This film is the story of how Albert Torres overcame the adversities of abuse and addiction, and how though his passion for Salsa he managed to lift himself up from rock bottom in order to achieve his greatest success. By exposing Salsa to the masses with his world famous Salsa Congresses Albert Torres has single handedly kept the heart of Salsa alive and beating. And yet this documentary is not only Albert’s story, it’s also the story of Salsa. It’s the story of the music, the dance, the passion, and the global phenomenon it’s become. It’s the story about both extraordinary and ordinary people and the indelible impact Salsa has made upon their lives.

It’s a story about people overcoming virtually insurmountable obstacles of poverty and under-privilege and still having the undying passion to turn their hopes into dreams.

Janja Glogovac: Director / Magali Guidasci: Co-director-Producer

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