La Mecanica Popular | Debut Album

Mecanica Popular is one of the most exciting acts in the new wave of Latin American Music, combining effortlessly avant-garde & psychedelic sounds with a tight and syncopated Salsa flavor.


A meeting of musicians from Perú, U.S, Venezuela and Colombia, only possible in New York, gave birth to La Mecánica Popular in 2011. The octet has a unique sound, steeped in the salsa dura of the 1970’s, going the trippy way with heavy ambient and psychedelic touches without ever losing its clave. While the horn section has been replaced with experimental synths and processed Peruvian Chicha style guitars, the percussion ensemble keeps the classic bongo-conga-timbal format with a killer live sound. The Vocals are also processed in real time, making LMP one of the most original acts in the New york music Scene. It is not a surprise that The New York Music Daily has praised them saying that “they have the potential to be one of the most interesting bands in town.

In the lapse of only one year they have successfully played in some of the best Venues in New York, such as Barbes and The Shrine, and now they have an album out. It was Produced by Xuxi Lazzaro, who also worked on Rita Indiana’s ground breaking El Juidero and Latin American Megastar Juan Luis Guerra`s last two albums. Among the great musicians in this record they had the honor of bringing in Fania star Louis Bauzo (Tito Puente, Celiz Cruz) on percussion as a special guest.

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Old school salsa with a twist? Cuban son with synth knob-twitching backing and feedback? Boleros with white noise ambience and atonal atmosphere? Descargas with Miles Davis’ electric-era horns and freaky tremolo guitar playing? All this and more is what La Mecánica Popular‘s first album is about. It’s good, it’s different, it’s fresh. Read the full review by Camilo Martinez at

  interview with Efrain Rozas of LMP at … check it out!!

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