Lenin “Güiroloco” Jimenez | Artist Profile

Lenin 'Guiroloco' Jiménez

Lenin “Güiroloco” Jiménez began his studies in the high school of music “Conservatorio José Angel Lamas” and complemented his education in the Pedagogic Experimental University “Libertador” in Venezuela. From 2002 that he arrived in Barcelona – Spain, Lenin began his musical work with the Band “ Latincandela “ as percusionista / singer.

He has collaborated with bands as: Eduardo Vals y su Kanabayen, Agualoca, El Indio & The Cuban Brothers, Salsa del Barrio, Jaleo Real, 8 Punto G, Soneros Obsesivos, La Sucursal S.A, Bloque 53, La Gozadera Orchestra, La Sonora Libre and La Orquesta del Solar (Madrid).

Lenin “Güiroloco” Jiménez so far participated in the following recordings: ‘  “TRAINSKATTING” (Sin Sospechas), “LO NUESTRO” (La Sucursal S.A), “LA RUTA DE LA SALSA” (Bloque 53), “EL GRITERIO” (Jaleo Real), “01” (La Sonora Libre) y en los “EP” de: “Dr Freiman”, “Dominick Kench Band” y “Soneros Obsesivos”… ¡Agárrate!

Download … enjoy & share the Latest Single “Los Rumberos” form Lenin “Güiroloco” & his Orchestra

 visit the website  leninguiroloco  follow on twitter  leninguiroloco


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