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Racism in Latin Music and MLK | Latino Music Cafe

by Hector Aviles


As we observed the Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I reflected on two books I read recently which pointed out racism in Latin music. Is there still racism in Latin music?

On “1 Bala, 2 Combos, y 1 Vida”, the late El Gran Combo saxophonist Eddie “La Bala” Perez narrated how sometimes hotels would ask Cortijo y su Combo and El Gran Combo in their earlier days, to enter through the kitchen and not the main door as they were bands of black musicians.

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Jorge Laureano | New Single “El Sitio Aquel”


Salsa recording artist Jorge Laureano has been involved in the music industry for over 25 years, producing, writing, performing and managing musical groups throughout his career. He was the lead singer and producer of the New York based Salsa band known as “ClaraSalsa” and most recently the critically acclaimed, “FIESTA Orchestra”. Now he is finally ready to continue his musical career out of obscurity by continuing his future as a solo artist!

Formerly from New York City, he now makes his home in Florida where he has built a respectable following of Salsa music enthusiasts and dancers! The production of his new single “El Sitio Aquel” was created at Paris Recording/ Rehearsal Studio in Tampa, Fl. where he continues to produce more music for yet another CD he plans to launch sometime in 2014.

 “El Sitio Aquel” Available On  cdbaby

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