Orquesta Agua.cero “Maria Valentina”

Jorge Torres y su Orquesta Agua.cero presents a variety of fresh Latin music with the exquisite rhythm of the Caribbean island, Puerto Rico. Maria Valentina, is made with joy and deep thoughts through the art of music like Salsa, Latin Jazz and Bolero.

Orquesta Agua.cero - Maria Valentina - 2013

Agua.Cero is an orchestra with high quality musicians brought together by producer Jorge Torres in order to perform Salsa, Latin Jazz and Bolero music to the highest standards. Renowned musicians like Piro Rodríguez (trumpet) and Pin Jiménez (pianist) both worked the magic for music direction and integrated other musicians like Edwin González (trumpet), Phillip Villalobos (bass), Emil Rodríguez (bongo), Pedro Moreno (congas) and Victor M. Pérez (timbales).

The music is performed by Lead singers Jorge Torres and Liberty Rolón as well as Miguel Olivera (Vocalist), Adrián Ortiz (chorus) and a new generation of singers Nivea Torres y Débora Torres.

“Maria Valentina” Available On  cdbaby

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