Rafaelito y su Tumbao | Artist Profile


– Munich’s number one Latin Salsa Band –

Rafaelito y su Tumbao, an orchestra conveying the temperament, fever and terrific rhythm of Latin America during each performance. That is a project of Rafael Pareja. After having performed on Latin, Jazz and Salsa stages for many years, the Peruvian decided to found an own Salsa band which refers to the old structure of the New York Salsa style and deals with the Cuban and afro-antillian music as well as expressions of the Latin American music having origin in the Cuban music. The Latin band consists of young and experienced musicians whose characteristics is to combine a powerful part of passion and successful interplay which leads to a compact and clear sound. It is also mentionable that this Salsa band has 4 to 13 artists on stage but more than 20 musicians within the Munich Southern music scene take an active part in this project taking turns occasionally.

Today, Salsa is a highly international music which is played equally in the Caribbean and Latin and North America, but also well established in Japan and Europe. Rafael Pareja and his band Rafaelito y su Tumbao serve as an example for the popularity.

visit the website  rafaelito-salsaband.com  become a fan … fb ➧ rafaelito


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