Mikata | Artist Profile

It’s dance … it’s rhythm … it’s Mikata! Feel your pulse quicken as this powerful Salsa band ignites the stage in a joyful celebration of contemporary Latin music.


Mikata, which means “all of us” in Ghana’s Ewe dialect, fuses the musical elements of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Africa & New York to bring you the elegant sounds of classical Salsa music. Each beat of the conga beckons you to take a step closer and become a part of Mikata. This New Haven-based group has performed nationally, internationally and locally for the past twenty plus years. They have released three CDs and have collaborated with numerous other artists on stage and in the studio.

★ “Ayer y Hoy” latest release from Mikata, is available on  cdbaby . Ten new arrangements of Salsa Dura and Latin Jazz classics from the 1960’s and 1970’s to the present day, featuring plenty of brass, percussion and virtuoso solos.

 visit the website  www.mikataband.com  become a fan … fb  mikataband


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