Deecoy “Oye Como Suena”

Imagine Hip-Hop drums beating while an MC raps blunt, bold lyrics to the Latin rhythm of the 3-2 clave … and then mix in modern sounds with live Latin percussion, brass, piano, bass … the joining together of two genres, two eras, two worlds. This is SALSA URBANA, this is HIP-HOP TROPICAL .

Deecoy-Oye-Como-Suena“Oye Como Suena” Available On  cdbaby

To become known as a trendsetting artist, one must be able to captivate audiences world-wide with an original sound. Daniel “Deecoy” Antonetti promises to do just that with his debut album. As an innovator in the fresh new musical genre of Hip-Hop Salsa, Deecoy breaks the mold by lending his skills as a lyricist, producer and percussionist to this project. The mark of this remarkable artist is that he can incorporate a blend of his own individual style as an artist and established musician, along with traditions of his heritage, and create his own cultural diffusion in music. With a combination of Deecoy’s youthful urban lyrics, addictive Salsa rhythms, this album is bound to lead the way for the new wave that will be known as Hip-Hop Tropical.

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