Jesus Alejandro ‘El Niño’ “De Rumba En Rumba”

A delicious set of big band dance-able Salsas with a touch of romantic Latin Bolero and Cuban Son added to the tasty mix.

Jesus Alejandro ‘El Niño’

Jesus Alejandro “el Niño”, has found inspiration in the beautiful women in his life, women who expressed their emotional pain through dance, and by memories of his father and his most admired piano player, Yoel Diaz. Jesus puts all of these heady influences together in a new album that is sure to please, especially with it’s sexy dance grooves and original piano and flute arrangements.

Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, Jesus mastered a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, piano and flute at an early age. When he moved into arranging, he rapidly developed a unique style and technique that he applies to his work with collaborators in the United States. His extraordinary skills as a player and arranger/composer have led him to work with known artists such as “Hansel and Raul”, “Roberto Torres”, “Oscar D’Leon”, “Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca”. His original compositions have been featured in films and television, among them The Shield, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Sleeper Cell, The Handler, Laws of Attraction, Taking Lives, Dance With Me and many more. He resides, creates and chills in Montreal, Canada. No sweat!

“De Rumba En Rumba” Available on   cdbaby

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