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Chino y Su Conjunto Melao “Melao Is Back”


MELAO IS BACK!! … Cruz de Jesus … a rather messianic tone which rings true to the extent that “Cruz’s” impact on Salsa is religious by many accounts. As a matter of fact a certain Eddie Palmieri, a papal existence in his own right, can be quoted as saying that the future of Latin music would end up in the hands of Cruz (or “Chino”by those who not just knew him but were intimately familiar with his ability to greatly weigh in on the course of a genre of music which has been long poured out cementing its listening value both culturally and now historically). The future is now – MELAO IS BACK!

While today’s latin artist effectively reverberate throughout a wider audience giving the non-Spanish speaking listeners a sazonado taste of Latin flavor ala Pitbull – Melao is your throwback to the glory days of Salsa when Fania ruled the airwaves. Take a close, careful listen to these four tracks and you’ll invariably sense the canary-like melodic style of Lavoe, Colon, and de La Paz whispering the highly refined sounds of a musical movement whose impact remains relevant today. Lay back and enjoy Chino’s tribute to El Rey de la Radio, Polito Vega while enjoying the background vocals of “La calma de la palmas” el cronista de la salsa, the one and only Angel Mendez.

MELAO IS BACK! Listen, dance if you must and please enjoy these genuine sounds of the sentimentally smooth and soothing salsa de el Chino – Cruz de Jesus.

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Herman Olivera “La voz del Caribe Hecho en Venezuela”

Traditional salsa dura from the multi Grammy award winner Herman Olivera.

Herman Olivera - La Voz Del Caribe 2014

Herman Olivera born in New Jersey of Puerto Rican parents, recorded five albums with Manny Oquendo and Conjunto Libre,which produced hits such as “Que Humanidad,” “Decidete” and “No me Echen la Culpa”, among others. After his stint with Libre, he worked with Machito, Johnny Pacheco and Ray Barretto, among others. Herman Olivera, “La Voz del Caribe” “Hecho en Venezuela”, is the title of Olivera’s 1st production for Salsaneo Records.

The album is being produced by Francisco Requena and Steve Guasch and represents his 1st solo album since “Chequea la Mercancia,” which was recorded in 1993.

“This is the album that all fans of Herman Olivera have been waiting for, after his great work with Palmieri, Libre and many others”, states composer Lino Iglesias. “Salsaneo want to deliver an album that shows Herman’s range as one of the greatest “soneros” and story teller of our generation with arrangements by Venezuelans Willie Melo and Julio Estrada that stay true to the classic era of salsa”, said Steve Guasch.

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