Solar Latin Club “Gems for Salsa Congress Vol. 1”

The compilation Gems For Salsa Congress Vol. 1 is made up of 13 tracks from a variety of artists around the world: Selected by DJ El Chino, the compilation tries to present an alternative to the old shool tracks played in every event or club.

Go Salsa, the new tune by DJ Good Sho (Christian Tumalan is also involved as arranger) from the West Coast just opens with a lot of power this albums, follow up by Yo Sin Ti from the rare The New Sepia’s Boys, a venezuelan band directed by trombonist Nell Figueroa. El Sonido Contundente by colombian Charanga Contundente is the proof that the old danzon-cha cha cha tradition is still good preserve. Chachaito by germany Eva Tilly’s Salsamania, the perfect tune to warm up every party.

El Maestro Seda demonstartes that he’s the one to sing a romantic song very danceable. Conciencia y Guaguanco from the spanish band Orquesta Del Solar adds some flavour to the selection. The world known track Chibola by new yorker Dave Santiago & Latin Affair will delight every dancer on the floor. Alejate from Sonido 70, the season stand-out from Colombia is one of the best projects dedicated to keep alive the roots. Nerio DeGracia inspiration in Federico’s Tumbao just drive us crazy with his vibraphone. Orlando Ortiz’s Hipocrita from his solo album also here. Sabor Del Mundo is another gem by french group Pablo y Su Charanga representing the new generation of the cuban music. Candela is an oustanding son montuno sung by venezuelan Johnny Pernia. Venezuelan born percussionist Luis ‘El Pana’ Tovar closes this CD with a fiery descarga from his 1st album.

Gems For Salsa Congress Vol. 1 Available on  bandcamp


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