Afredito Linares “Salsa Pa’ Todo el Mundo”

Afredito Linares is back! It has passed a long time for a production to come strictly for El Bailador De La Salsa, and the old school style music lover. All the songs were carefully picked and arranged to give the dancers and DJs an album worth buying.


Alfredito Linares, the world renown Salsa piano master is back, and this time with a repertoire strictly aimed to please all Salsa dancers in the world. For DJs, this is a mega DJ Alert! Why? Because there is no song in this album a DJ would skip from playing in a set. This album was carefully planned and put together by Houston Salsa Congress’ music guru, producer DJ Gonzo. All the music arrangements and recordings were by Alfredito Linares and his All Star band. All songs were recorded in Colombia, with exception of the voice of “Ain’t No Sunshine”, which was recorded in Houston, TX.

This song, Ain’t No Sunshine”, is the song that we like to call “EL CAÑONAZO”, since it is the one song we are sure it will hit your soul. Originally recorded by the legendary Bill Withers, Ain’t No Sunshine’s Salsa version by Alfredito Linares is a total killer. Alfredito outdid himself with the arrangement for this song. Salsa Pa’ Todo El Mundo is just the perfect name for it. MEGA DJ ALERT!

 “Salsa Pa’ Todo el Mundo” available on  cdbaby

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