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Todo el Mundo Bailando con Croma Latina !!

New Video Clip from CROMA LATINA “Bailando” Available on  cdbaby

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La Sonora Libre presenta “Más Que Salsa”


La Sonora Libre presents their second studio album “Más Que Salsa”.

Recorded in the legendary Nomada 57 studio in Barcelona – Spain, the new album shows a powerful urban sound where, the tradition of hard Salsa and Latin jazz is mixed with the original sound of the orchestra, as a result of three years of tours, concerts, friendship and musical work.

Produced by the percussionist and director of the orchestra Mauricio Ochoa, “Más Que Salsa” contains 9 tracks: 8 original compositions by Mauricio Ochoa, “Papa” Orbe Ortiz and Rafa Madagascar who is also the pianist and arranger of the album. At his original songs join a salsa version of “Nuestro Juramento”, a classic bolero popularized by Julio Jaramillo in Latin América.

What is La Sonora Libre?

La Sonora Libre is a music project that involves 12 musicians from 8 different nationalities, 2 arrangers, 1 sound engineer, 1 graphic designer and 1 audiovisual producer. All of them work together to produce and show their music as an original, honest and comprehensive cultural product with strong Latino roots. La Sonora Libre expresses and says what it thinks and lives by singing about day-to-day things from a frank, critical, constructive, solidary, positive and cheerful perspective. La Sonora Libre does this by using the key they know best how to play and identify us: Salsa.

Why “More than Salsa”?

La Sonora Libre takes the message delivered through music as a very important element whether it is transmitted via the lyrics or the music itself. They have seen how through the years social content has been omitted from Salsa, depriving it from one of the main reasons embedded in its birth as a musical genre. The way they conceive Salsa is by including that social content claim and singing to it with honesty and cheerfulness thanks to the dance language of the genre. In the same way with the musical arrangements, they don´t play salsa music because it´s commercial or fashionable; for them this music is part of their way of being, it is their way of expressions. That’s why “More Than Salsa”, because it´s music for dance and think.

 “Más Que Salsa” Available on  cdbaby

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