Raphy Leavitt y La Selecta “Cuarentona”


Throughout his career, Raphy Leavitt and his “Orquesta La Selecta” has been recognized as a Puerto Rican musical icon that is deeply rooted within the Latin American people. “Orquesta La Selecta” has distinguished itself by having on staff the stellar vocalist, Sammy Marrero who has been with the group consecutively since its inception forty-three years ago, along with Carlos Ramirez, who has been with the band for twenty-nine years. In 2014 Raphy Leavitt integrates into “La Selecta” the vocalists Victor Ramirez and Jose Charlie Maldonado with the intention of further diversifying the vocal alternatives that the group offers its followers.

After several years of absence from the airwaves, Raphy Leavitt and his “Orquesta La Selecta” return with a new musical production. The first single “Cuarentona”, alludes to the band’s 43 consecutive years of trajectory as an elite Puerto Rican organization.

“La Selecta” of Puerto Rico with its messages of love and peace seeks to awaken the consciousness of the Latino people to the importance of fighting together as a race so that in the near future we can enjoy social justice for all. The group’s success have not been limited to a particular time in history, but continue to reap rewards in the soul of today’s new generations.

 “Cuarentona” Available on  cdbaby

 visit the website  www.raphyleavitt.com  become a fan … fb  RaphyLeavittLaSelecta 


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