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First Listen: Buena Vista Social Club, 'Lost And Found'|

by Anastasia Tsioulcas


It was nearly 20 years ago, back in 1997, that the Buena Vista Social Club became an improbable worldwide sensation: a group of mainly elderly (and some younger) Cuban musicians, performing traditional son music for an album produced by Ry Cooder. The combustible success of that first project — which only transpired by accident to begin with — led to a cottage industry of lovely artifacts, including a beautiful 1998 documentary by Wim Wenders and a string of solo albums from its leading artists (not to mention 2010’s Afrocubism, the fruit of World Circuit chief Nick Gold’s original idea for what became the Buena Vista Social Club’s first album).

read the  article & listen to the album  at:
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DVD Concierto “Cocoblue Live in Studio”


Cocoblue Salsa Band has finished working on their first live concert DVD “Cocoblue Live in Studio”, the DVD is available on pre-sale! It has 6 live videos (the concert), 3 official music videos, the audio tracks and an exclusive interview.


Concert: Clocks, Ahora Mismo, La Bella, Quédate and Marunouchi Sadistic

Music videos: Barco de Vela, Señora Venganza and Marunouchi Sadistic

Audio: Marie Laveau, Clocks, Ahora Mismo, La Bella, Quédate, Marunouchi Sadistic and Señora Venganza

Interview: An exclusive interview with Azumi

To purchase, contact Cocoblue on facebook or by email to

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Yoruba Andabo

Yoruba Andabo is a Cuban band performing original sacred African music Yoruba Andabo es una banda cubana interpretando música africana sagrada originales.

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