DVD Concierto “Cocoblue Live in Studio”


Cocoblue Salsa Band has finished working on their first live concert DVD “Cocoblue Live in Studio”, the DVD is available on pre-sale! It has 6 live videos (the concert), 3 official music videos, the audio tracks and an exclusive interview.


Concert: Clocks, Ahora Mismo, La Bella, Quédate and Marunouchi Sadistic

Music videos: Barco de Vela, Señora Venganza and Marunouchi Sadistic

Audio: Marie Laveau, Clocks, Ahora Mismo, La Bella, Quédate, Marunouchi Sadistic and Señora Venganza

Interview: An exclusive interview with Azumi

To purchase, contact Cocoblue on facebook or by email to cocoblue.salsaband@gmail.com

 become a fan … fb  cocoblue.salsaband  follow on  twitter


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