La Maxima 79 – New Single “La Gripe”

La Maxima 79 – New Single “La Gripe”

La Maxima 79, founded and directed by Fabrizio Zoro, is back on the music scene after over a year of silence with their new single titled “La Gripe”. This Song is the first single of the upcoming new album, a follow up to their hugely successful debut album “Regresando al Guaguancó” with which the band conquered dance floors all around the world and that made the band a household name in the salsa scene.

“La Gripe” is arrangement by bandleader Fabrizio Zoro together with the new musical director and pianist of the band Tony Velardi, author of hit songs such as “Azafata”, “5 Minutos” and “Topanga”.

The first striking element which is evident from the first note is the use of the electric guitar, instead of the piano. This is inspired by the the Peruvian Guaguancos and Guarachas of the 1970’s. By doing this bandleader Fabrizio Zoro wants to revive another forgotten rhythm while still maintaining the sound that made the band so popular after the release of their first album. Guest star on “La Gripe” is Cuban guitar player Javier Masvidal.

Another very clear element on “La Gripe” is the “Cumbia” rhythm, a very popular rhythm in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. This is a tribute to those countries that have been able to keep this rhythm alive in the midst of all new musical styles and crazes.

 “La Gripe” available on cdbaby & all other major music stores

Recorded at the Art Studios of San Donato Milanese, Mastering at Malo Entertainment studios in Zurich & published by Smayra Publishing.

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