Conjunto Impacto “Echale Agua”

Conjunto Impacto (500x305)

Conjunto Impacto’s new album “Echale Agua” is named after the first song in the album, a rumba rhythm and it is also one of two duets where both the male and female voices of their lead singers are being showcased. This album is comprised of various Cuban rhythms including, rumba, guaguanco, and Cuban son. Included in “Echale Agua” there are also two merengues which gives this album a very tropical feel.

The Musical Director/Producer Mario Perez, who has been directing this band since it’s foundation in 1976 in Miami Florida, does not cease to create remarkable music with the cooperation of the musicians who took part in this project and are also part of this band. This album is a manifestation of true passion for their musical roots.


“Echale Agua” Available On  cdbaby

 visit the website  become a fan …fb  Conjunto-Impacto


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