Carlos Mojica & Sonido Criminal – New Album “Competencia Es Ninguna”

“Competencia Es Ninguna” is Carlos Mojica & Sonido Criminal’s second production, the follow up to the classic first record, “Crime Payz” which was one of the hottest and best selling salsa albums of 2010.

“Competition is None” is the title because in this over saturated music industry of “here today and gone tomorrow” artists and bands making mediocre music that is not tough enough, creative enough or good enough to remain consistent and maintain success, Carlos Mojica dominates by proving that he comes out stronger with every release and continues to set the bar higher and higher. This one proves to be a masterpiece because every song is a hit.

This is not just an album, it’s an experience and after listening to it, you will agree that the only thing standing between him and the throne is time. A must have for all true salseros. Satisfaction is guaranteed!!

“Competencia Es Ninguna” Available On  cdbaby

 visit the website  become a fan … fb  sonidocriminalmusic


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