How Much Do You Really Appreciate Salsa?|

by Chilly Alisar

thinking-300x130Imagine this scenario You really love Salsa! You attend all the classes and socials! You buy dance shoes and all your clothes are dance ready! You practice all the turn patterns and shines whenever you can and you socially dance this dance every chance you can get. That’s great and I am real happy for you.

However, I have 3 questions and be honest now –
How many Salsa Musicians do you know?
How many Salsa Albums and songs have you actually paid for?
How many Salsa DJs names do you know?

What constantly surprises me is how little people actually know about Salsa music. Now don’t get me wrong, I dont think you need to study Salsa music to the hundredth degree and know how every song is structured and every instrument is played. I do however think you should at least know a few of the artists that make the music and the DJ’s that play it.

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