Orquesta SCC – New Single Release “No Puedo Respirar (I Can’t Breathe)”

Salsa Dura, old school style song, with socially conscious lyrics & lots of flavor

No Puedo Respirar - Orquesta SCC

This new tune from New York City’s Famed band Orquesta SCC, “No Puedo Respirar (I Can’t Breathe)” tackles the social/historical issue of abuse of power and the growing problematic of murder by cop while making it obvious in the lyrics that the bad apples are a very small minority and most officers are honest good people/cops. It starts telling the story in a first person perspective from the eyes of a victim of abuse who asks “why do you beat me, officer?” And grows into a third person narrative that goes into the details of a bigger social problem, one that needs to be addressed by authority all over the world.

Composed by Edwin Perez (music and lyrics), lead singer and co-owner of Orquesta SCC, Arranged by Jorge Bringas, bassist and musical director of the band, this tune reminds us of how salsa used to be.
The second the Fender Rhodes starts – masterfully played by Edgar Pantoja-Aleman (watch out for the Fender solo) – and the gritty, organic and melodious New York sound comes off the trombone of master trombone player Rey David Alejandre (El Soldado) in a right-from-the-start solo, you know you’re in for quite a ride… And a treat! With solos by Edgar Pantoja-Aleman on piano, Kalí Rodríguez-Peña on trumpet and Rey David Alejandre on trombone, this tune will make you swing!

“No Puedo Respirar” Available On  cdbaby

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