Barakutanga “Mala Mujer” | Official Video Clip


Jorge Garzon and Barakutanga released the video clip of their new song “Mala Mujer” Homenaje a La SONORA MATANCERA. A mix of original arrangements with a new sound, Cuban timba, Colombian folklore, synthesizers and a very urban interpretation. “Mala Mujer” was originally recorded from La Sonora Matancera with the voice of the great Jorge Maldonado back in 1978 .

The video clip was filmed by producer VM Productions at the El Refugio del Pescador in Usme, a beautiful place not far from the Colombian capital, where this new artist gave vent to the interpretation of this legendary classic salsa song.

★ “Mala Mujer” & other singles of Barakutanga available on ➧  iTunes

Jorge Garzón, is a musician/procucer that has but one dream: To be recognized as a representative force in Colombian music on a worldwide level. Jorge began his musical career at the ripe age of 12 years old, he began playing the guitar, then branched out leaning towards the bass guitar and singing. After collaborating on diverse musical projects in Colombia and Peru, he founded his own band named “Barakutanga” in 2010. In bringing this project to life, his intention is to bring forth a fusion of Salsa with airs of Timba, contemporary sounds and Colombian folklore.

 visit the website become a fan … fb  barakutanga


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