Orquesta Clandeskina “Hombre Decente”

Salsa con el sonido del barrio caleño !

Orquesta Clandeskina

CLANDESKINA presents a sauce which refers to the sounds of the 70’s but has managed to reinvent and connect these influences to new trends , thus has established a renewed and fresh sound that marks a new path in the salsa production of the city of Cali.

“Hombre Decente” is the first comprehensive work of Clandeskina. Launched by singles since 2014, it has established itself on the dance floor and the ears of salsa music lovers. After the album ” Sonando el Tambor “, “Hombre Decente” comes to continue the legacy of the hard salsa and gladden the hearts of the salseros worldwide.

“Hombre Decente” Available On  cdbaby

 visit the website  www.clandeskina.com  become a fan … fb  clandeskinacali


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