Orquesta TOKAME “Eres La Tierra Mas Linda”

Authentic Caribbean funky music with influences by jazz and rock, traditional son and modern salsa – or in short: a new sound of world music.1077820_10151794779229901_1143400475_o

The music of Orquesta “TOKAME” is a mixture of traditional Son and Changüi, Salsa and Timba with Jazz and Funk  – the English relatives of Cuban music. Their songs deal with everyday life situations that are put forward with a wink in Cuban tradition.

Branko Arnsek, producer, composer, arranger and bassist is responsible for the music and sounds of TOKAME (founded in 2002), and although born in Slovenia, Branko has cultivated his love for the Caribbean sounds with TOKAME in an amazing and virtuosic way.

The band members are predominantly internationally renowned musicians from bands such as Irakere, Los Van Van, Orquesta Reve, Sierra Maestra, Son del Nene, Pupy y los que Son Son, Son Damas, Azucar Negra and the Afro Cuban All Stars, named so that surely many friends of Caribbean music will let the heart beat faster.

After a fantastic first album (Con la Clave -. Tokame ft. Yaqueline Castellanos & Olvido) and many acclaimed concerts TOKAME is now an integral part of the Musica Latina scene in Europe.

Their highly anticipated second production “Eres La Tierra Mas Linda” was released in December 2015 , a soulful album of high quality, great arrangements and fresh vocals that dancers and good music lovers will totally enjoy!!

“Eres La Tierra Mas Linda” Available On  59music.comTOKAME - Eres La Tierra Mas Linda

 visit the website  www.tokame.info  become a fan … fb  TOKAME

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