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The Pedrito Martinez Group Upcoming Album “Habana Dreams” | Audio Preview

The Pedrito Martinez Group - Habana Dreams

The Pedrito Martinez Group follows up their GRAMMY-nominated debut with the release of Habana Dreams, pushing forward the group’s cutting-edge sound with some of the biggest names in Latin music – Rubén Blades, Descemer Bueno, and Issac Delgado. Recorded in both Cuba and New York, the album marks the homecoming of Cuban-born conguero and rumbero Pedrito Martinez, and a return to his Afro-Cuban roots. With magnetic personality and dynamic musicianship, Habana Dreams showcases the group’s impressive range, from contemplative ballads to electrifying rumbas, while remaining irresistibly danceable throughout.

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In the below YouTube preview – you can listen audio samples of 5 tracks from ‘Habana Dreams’. Click on the track name in the video to jump to each song.

  • “Mi Tempestad” featuring Wynton Marsalis and Telmary Diaz,
  • “Compa Galletano” featuring Rubén Blades,
  • “Dios Mio” featuring Descemer Bueno,
  • “Antadilla” featuring Wynton Marsalis and Rubén Blades
  • “Habana Dreams” featuring Issac Delgado!

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Irè Oyàlè Sextet | Debut Album “Salseros del Mundo”

Irè Oyàlè Sextet

Smayra Publishing presents Irè Oyàlè Sextet “Salseros Del Mundo” 

Irè Oyàlè Sextet an idea of Samoel Scotton, director and conguero of the orchestra, born in 2013. The purpose was to revive and bring back the Salsa music’s style of the golden years, nowadays so seeked out by many music lovers, dancers and Dj’s.

Songs born from the creative collaboration of all musicians of the orchestra starting from first musical ideas of Gionata Asta and Lodovico Berto, the structural rhythmic arrangements were written by Samoel Scotton, Lyrics were written by Berni Nash while Chiara Leone realized choral arrangements and Andrea Stucchi wrote bass lines.

Edwin Della Torre and Yoniel Diaz gave their important contribution in order to get a unique, intense and full of emotions sound.”Salseros del Mundo” is a result of  hard but passionate teamwork. This album is dedicated to all Latin music fans . Brilliant work!!

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