La Malandanza “La Labor Del Sabor” | Official Video

La Malandanza - La Labor Del Sabor

La Malandanza is a powerful band, influenced from the 70’s New York Salsa. Through their music they properly express the daily reality in the cities of Latin America, all accompanied by a dynamic sound , provided by the solid rhythm section of Sebastian Múnera on congas , Alexander Quiceno on bongos, Sergio Parsons in the timpales and Hervin Agudelo on bass who also does vocals, on guitar Camilo Orozco and the leading voice of Juan Carlos Gonzalez, flute and vocals of Alexis Gaviria and the direction and melodic choruses of Teo Grajales .

Salseros del mundo! Below is the video clip of their single “La Labor Del Sabor”, directed by Laura Mora, made in Medellin Colombia. #SalsaDeMedallo

La Malandanza’s first album “En Concreto” was released in April 30, 2015 and is available in high-quality download on   bandcamp 

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