Support on Kickstarter: Gerardo Rosales ‘Salsa Vintage’

Salsa Vintage will be a master piece for the worldwide collectors.

Gerardo Rosales 'Salsa Vintage'

by Gerardo Rosales.  In 2016, I am returning to the world of recorded album with a proposal that reflects my honest feeling and way of life, accepting the changes this time gives me. I am a vinyl records collector and I still keep my old fashioned cassettes. Nowadays, I continue listening to the greatest salsa artists such as Ray Barretto, Tito Puente,  Fania, Charlie Palmieri among others, they are part of the sound track of my personal movie. In my career as a musician I was able to record various genres such as Salsa, Guaguanco, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, all Venezuela and Caribbean rhythms.  I specially play “Salsa Vieja” that’s why my new album will be called “Salsa Vintage”.

In this project the sounds will be acoustic, simple and direct music sound like they use to used in Salsa Dura. I have also decided for this album to use acoustic piano sounds of both Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer, baby Bass, two trombones, wooden congas and bongo with cow skin, campanas made in the 70s, a timbal LP also from the 70s, skin maracas (Pan con Queso) and natural güiro. We will play together in an analogue studio using microphones of the 60s and 70s.     Notwithstanding my nostalgic feeling I decided to play 8 new hits songs for this project. All musical arrangements are made by me and Manuel Torcat and myself. An album that will include many rhythms as Cha Cha Cha, Son Montuno, Salsa Dura, Descarga, Guaguanco and Charanga. This album it will reflects my view of life. For me is a duty to defend, keep and transmit la Salsa Dura and give the message of the tambor (drum) around the world.

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Thank you very much for being part of this project! Our guarantee is to fulfill your expectation with good quality music, made with love and respect. I will be very grateful with your contribution. Blessings for you all! The music will never stop!  GerardoRosales, Sr. Tambo!

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