Óskar Ly | Artist Profile

Óskar Ly is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer within the Salsa and Jazz genres. Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, he is bringing the vibe and colors of jazz into the contemporary “Salsa Romántica”.

Óskar Ly - Lejos

The result: a production featuring the swing and clave for the “típico bailador” to rapidly fall in love with; the aggressive brass lines and rich harmonies for the old school Salseros and Jazz fans to enjoy; and, of course, the beautiful melodies and lyrics of the Salsa Romantica for the newer generations of Salsa fans.

Óskar Ly is writes all the lyrics, music, and arrangements for his 11-piece salsa band, also performing and recording piano/keyboards, melodica, background vocals, and minor percussion. In addition, he acts as music, video, and photography director as well as executive producer.

His single “Lejos” was released on Feb 2015,  a production that features world class musicians, including Grammy award winners such as the legendary Karl Perazzo (percussionist of Carlos Santana) and the Pacific Mambo Orchestra. Stars: Steffen Kuehn, Omar Ledezma Jr., and Armando Córdoba Jr., among others. The beautiful voices of Iván Rondón and Nacho Caxaj give this song the tenderness and flavor of a groovy Salsa Romántica.

 “Lejos” Available On   cdbaby

 visit the website oskarlymusic.com  become a fan … fb  oskarlymusic


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