Sponsor: Contemporary Sounds Of Colombian Salsa Vol.1 | New Project by DJ El Chino´s Solar Latin Club

“Contemporary Sounds Of Colombian Salsa Vol.1” is a musical production that seeks to give relevance and disclosure to new salsa bands from Colombia.


  • The funds reached will pay every artist for the song, the writer who is getting deep into every bands history, the professional designer to illustrate a unique cover, the translator and the most expensive thing, the production of the CD’s in the best quality in Colombia.
  • Without the contribution of radio, the non commercial bands often do not last very long in the industry. “Contemporary Sounds Of Colombian Salsa Vol.1” is a project created to encourage new artists to record and to give Salsa fans a taste of their talent.
 Support This Project  indiegogo.com/projects/contemporary-sounds-of-colombian-salsa-vol-1


 visit the website  solarlatinclub.com  become a fan … fb  solarlatinclub


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