Kiki Sire “Rutina”


“Rutina”, released in April 2015, includes 8 original tracks composed, performed and produced by Kiki Sire (Gilberto Sire Hoyos). Kiki graduated the Matanzas School of Musica in Cuba, where by day he studied alongside many great Cuban musicians and by night he performed in the festivals and clubs of Havana, Varadero and Mantanzas.

His work includes collaborations with groups such as Los Van Van, Irakere, Manolito Simonet in Cuba, while in England he has integrated the ensembles of Alex Wilson and the Nuyorican trombonist Jimmy Bosch. “Rutina”is a great Salsa Romantica (not only) album in which were also involved the trombonist Johnny Enright from Groupo X and the Venezuelan singer Lino Rocha -ex of Salsa Celtica.

“Rutina”Available On  iTunes + cdbaby

 visit the website  become a fan … fb  kikisireartist


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