Latin Explosives “Salsa y Sabor”


An original band, with original music. From lyrics to compositions, Latin Explosives brings Salsa to a new level. This swinging Latin sound is born from the New York City’s own Lower East Side, home to many Salsa greats.

Latin Explosives is a Latin Salsa band started in 2004 in New York City. William Feliciano, the leader of the band, together with the lead singer and song writer Willie May Escalerda, began the journey to accomplish original music, traditional Salsa.

Their style inspired by the old school salseros, aggressive with a romantic twist, will definitely get you dancing. The song “Tres Soneros”, a dedication to three legends of Salsa, Ismael Rivera, Hector Lavoe and Frankie Ruiz, is a fine example of the above.

“Salsa y Sabor” Available On  cdbaby

 visit the website  become a fan … fb  latinexplosives


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