MANDINGA – We Don’t Talk Anymore (Salsa Version)


This is an audio cover for Charlie Puth’s featuring Selena Gomez, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” made by Mandinga with a special appearance by trumpeter Harvis Cuni Padron (HB Orchestra).

Mandinga is a unique kind of band. The cultural variety resulting from mixing Romanian, spanish and Cuban musicians is guaranteed to bring the best show on stage and it is also capable of pleasing the most difficult of crowds. The band started 13 years ago, since then they have made themselves known as one of the best bands in Romania.

Band Members:
Barbara Isasi (lead vocalist)
Chupi (drums)
El Niño (percussion)
Omar Secada (piano)
Zach (saxophone & bass)
Tony (trombone).

Mix&Master: George Dice, Bunicu’ Magic

DOP&Edit: Seby Ionescu

 visit the website  become a fan … fb  MandingaOfficial


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