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“Ycugualagua” Marco Toro y su Ensamble (Official Video)

Marco Toro y su Ensamble New Album “12+1 Anniversary” Out Now!

Marco Toro: All Percussion
Javier Plaza: Lead Singer
Oscar Cordero “Chucky” Trompet, Backing Vocals & Arrangements
Felipe Castro: Baritone Sax
Matthias Konrad: Trombone
Samuel Ruiz: Baby Bass
Irving Manuel: Piano
Maaike van Zetten & Ramon Mendeville: Backing Vocals

Video Clip Directed, Filmed & Edited by

“12+1 Anniversary” Available On  cdbaby

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Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra – Love Song (The Cure, Salsa cover)

WSO from Brooklyn, NY plays “Love Song”, by the Cure, from their upcoming 2nd album ‘DIALECTICA’ available everywhere soon!

Debut Album Available On  iTunes

Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra :

Bass – Rafael Gomez
Bongo – Felipe Fournier
Congas – Jhohan Hernandez
Lead Vocals – Solange Prat
Piano – Angela Ortiz
Timbales/Bandleader – Gianni Mano
Trombone – James Hall & Alex Asher
Trumpet – Jason Prover & Jon Challoner
Baritone Sax – Dimitri Moderbacher

Love Song arranged by Gianni Mano with Morgan Price

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