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Congoléro “Kingana Kingana” | Official Music Video

De la Habana in Brazzaville

Congolero is the result of an extraordinary musical and cultural meeting between Congolese singers : Davy Americano, Eddy Sonero and Willy Manolo Moreno.

Passionate for Salsa, they decide to create this magnificent album, under the leadership of Hervé Celcal and Balou Canta. “De la Habana in Brazzaville” is dedicated to all salsa and world music aficionados. Discover this cocktail of Cuban Salsa with a dose of musique Congolaise !

“De la Habana in Brazzaville” available on   iTunes

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Le Sahel – La Légende de Dakar “Caridad” – official clip

Le Sahel de Dakar

Senegal, 1970s. At the Club Le Sahel in Dakar, the orchestra of the same name was putting the dancefloor on fire and would share the stage with the many stars visiting : Johnny Pacheco, James Brown, Franco Luambo… They released only one album, in 1975. Time went by. Le Sahel is back together and releases a new blazing album mixing Afro-Cuban and Senegalese rhythms.
Welcome to Dakar de Cuba! Let yourself be enchanted, “encantado” by the powerful, the legendary, the eternal Sahel de Dakar. Mueve la cintura !

 “La Légende de Dakar” available on   iTunes

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Timba Republic

A Sovereign State of Music

Yoruba Andabo

Yoruba Andabo is a Cuban band performing original sacred African music Yoruba Andabo es una banda cubana interpretando música africana sagrada originales.

ARChive of Contemporary Music, or "Would You Take My Mind Out for a Walk"

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Afro Puerto Rican music band

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