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Araiza Salsajazz “Tolerancia”

Araiza Salsajazz plays big band salsa dance music with jazzy solos in each song. This music features lead vocals, four part background chorus, full Latin percussion section, five saxophones, five trumpets, flute, electric/acoustic bass, cuatro guitar, and piano.

This is the 3rd salsa album produced and released by C. Araiza.
All songs are original compositions written and recorded in San Francisco, CA
under the Stella SF Music label – 2017.

 “Tolerancia” Available On  cdbaby

The previous albums available are :
 “Araiza – Salsajazz Big Band” &  “Mambo Cats – Salsajazz” 


Jazz P.R. “Homenaje al Cantante de los Cantantes”


After a 26 year collaboration in Afro-Caribbean music, vocalist/percussionist Willie Hernandez teams up with trombonist/arranger Randy Zimmerman to produce a tribute to Hector Lavoe, “El Cantante De Los Cantantes,” the singer of singers. The musical selections on this album, which include guaguanco, bolero, merengue, son montuno, and mambo jazz, are expertly rendered by their vehicle of choice, Jazz PR, the latin-jazz and hard-core salsa group based in Austin, Texas.

“Homenaje al Cantante de los Cantantes” Available On   cdbaby

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