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Deecoy “Oye Como Suena”

Imagine Hip-Hop drums beating while an MC raps blunt, bold lyrics to the Latin rhythm of the 3-2 clave … and then mix in modern sounds with live Latin percussion, brass, piano, bass … the joining together of two genres, two eras, two worlds. This is SALSA URBANA, this is HIP-HOP TROPICAL .

Deecoy-Oye-Como-Suena“Oye Como Suena” Available On  cdbaby

To become known as a trendsetting artist, one must be able to captivate audiences world-wide with an original sound. Daniel “Deecoy” Antonetti promises to do just that with his debut album. As an innovator in the fresh new musical genre of Hip-Hop Salsa, Deecoy breaks the mold by lending his skills as a lyricist, producer and percussionist to this project. The mark of this remarkable artist is that he can incorporate a blend of his own individual style as an artist and established musician, along with traditions of his heritage, and create his own cultural diffusion in music. With a combination of Deecoy’s youthful urban lyrics, addictive Salsa rhythms, this album is bound to lead the way for the new wave that will be known as Hip-Hop Tropical.

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Mikata | Artist Profile

It’s dance … it’s rhythm … it’s Mikata! Feel your pulse quicken as this powerful Salsa band ignites the stage in a joyful celebration of contemporary Latin music.


Mikata, which means “all of us” in Ghana’s Ewe dialect, fuses the musical elements of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Africa & New York to bring you the elegant sounds of classical Salsa music. Each beat of the conga beckons you to take a step closer and become a part of Mikata. This New Haven-based group has performed nationally, internationally and locally for the past twenty plus years. They have released three CDs and have collaborated with numerous other artists on stage and in the studio.

★ “Ayer y Hoy” latest release from Mikata, is available on  cdbaby . Ten new arrangements of Salsa Dura and Latin Jazz classics from the 1960’s and 1970’s to the present day, featuring plenty of brass, percussion and virtuoso solos.

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Timba Republic

A Sovereign State of Music

Yoruba Andabo

Yoruba Andabo is a Cuban band performing original sacred African music Yoruba Andabo es una banda cubana interpretando música africana sagrada originales.

ARChive of Contemporary Music, or "Would You Take My Mind Out for a Walk"

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Grupo musical afro-puertorriqueño/ Afro Puerto Rican music band