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DJ Ricky Campanelli “Alma de Rumbero”

Salsa dura at it’s finest, DJ Ricky Campanelli is back with his long awaited third album ‘Alma De Rumbero”. Featuring Salsa giants Jimmy Bosch, Frankie Vasquez, Edwin Bonilla and Jesus “El Niño” Alejandro. Dj Alert!

DJ Ricky Campanelli - Alma de Rumbero

Latin Grammy nominated Ricky Campanelli delivers again. Following his second chart topping album, “Modestia Aparte,” comes another Dance floor filling album , “Alma De Rumbero.” Salsa Dura at its best. A swinging album to please Dj’s, Mambo dancers and salsa competitors all over the globe. Album features a mix of melodic and smooth salsa as well as punchy, swinging and aggressive salsa. Featuring international Salsa giants Jimmy Bosch, Frankie Vasquez, Edwin Bonilla and Jesus “El Niño” Alejandro.

His unique style and fresh sound are the product of experimentation and inbred musical instinct, which is reflected in all his musical productions.The album can best be described as 70’s salsa, infused with yesterday’s swing, and remixed with today’s sound. Campanelli’s music is a tribute to old school salsa – a style he believes will never die because of its eternal quality.

His latest album showcases his unique talent. Passion and soul are at the heart of Campanelli’s music. After all, salsa is not about what you hear; it’s about what you feel.

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Tromboranga “Pachanga Changó” (Official Music Video)

New video clip from Tromboranga Salsa Orquesta – “Pachanga changó” .

Music composition by Joaquin Arteaga. 
Arrangement:Jose Blanes. 
Dancers: Falco Benalcazar, Annette, 
Aida prima Cali & Lil white chocolate. 
Video production:J.Arteaga. 
Camera and color:Michell Ribas. 
Direction & edition:Joaquin Arteaga. 
Production assistant:Vladimir Peña & Jesus Escalona.
“Tumbando fronteras” Available On  cdbaby

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