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Rafaelito y su Tumbao featuring Mayito Rivera “Ese Soy Yo”

“Ese soy yo” is the new single by Rafaelito that will be included in his first album called “Accelerate”. This time with the participation in the voice of nothing more and nothing less than the one who was “baptized” by the maestro Juan Formell founder of the famous Los Van Van as “El Poeta de la Rumba” Mario, Mayito Rivera.

Son Montuno from the Rafael Pareja songwriting pen, where the influences of Arsenio Rodriguez, Cuban Son, Mambo and New York Salsa from the 60s and 70s stand out, all in a mixture of prose and poetry, of Peruvian Creole music, with a modern sound but with a clear line in the tradition of Son.

“Ese Soy Yo” Available On  iTunes

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La Candela “On Time”

“On Time” is the second studio album of La Candela Salsa Orchestra. The recording sessions took place at the Arena Digital Recording Studios (Tenerife, Spain) during the months of May and June 2017.

Salsa, Mambo, Guaguancó and Cha Cha Cha filled with energy and good vibrations. You will probably feel an irresistible desire to jump on to the dance floor! Latin music made with love.

“On Time” Available On  cdbaby

Band Members:

Bass – Alejandro Fuentes Díaz
Bongos – José Brito
Congas – Fran Martín Ciani (also Lead Vocal on “Déjame Que Cante”)
Lead Vocals – Rafa “Richie” Rodríguez
Piano – Fonsi Rodríguez
Timbales – Alberto Martín
Vibraphone – Jordi Arocha
Trumpet – José Humberto Martín (on “Tremendo Cumban”)
Saxophone – Francisco “Paco” Dorta (on “Tremendo Cumban”)

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